Mobile Wallet app

If you select the Wallet Mobile App option, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number or email address to receive a link to download the app. If you choose the “Text Message” option, you will enter your mobile phone number and receive a text message that includes a link to the App Store. If you chose the “Email” option, you would need to open the email on your phone to access the App Store.


Once you enter your phone number or email address, the page will refresh to “Step 2 of 2: Open the app and follow the instructions”. You will then have 15-minutes to download the app and complete the 2-factor enrollment process.

On your mobile phone, you will sign into your account, and you’ll be prompted with the option to use Touch ID or use a PIN number as your confirmation.


When you confirm enrollment using your fingerprint or the PIN number you created, the 2-factor enrollment process will be complete.


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