Using your credentials to claim discounts

Once your group affiliation has been verified, you can begin using your account to claim discounts and benefits on partner sites. The steps for claiming benefits through the verification button are simple:


Step 1:  Click the verification button whenever you see it on a participating partner site.


Step 2:  A pop-up browser window will open. Check to make sure that the web address in the popup window is and log in to your account. 


Step 3:  Once you are logged in to a verified account, will request your permission to authenticate your group affiliation to the partner site.




Step 4:  If you select "Authorize", will tell the merchant “Yes or No” with respect to your group affiliation. Your personal information such as your email is never shared with a partner site without your explicit permission.

Note:  By clicking "Deny" you will prevent the release of your information to the specified merchant.  As a result, you will not receive the discount.


Step 5:  You get the group benefit offered by the partner 


You're done!  The discount should now be applied to your order.  This experience should be virtually the same with every partner website that you access.

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