How do I receive discounts using

Once you have verified your group affiliation with, you will be eligible to receive discounts associated with your affiliation through the Marketplace. We will filter deals for your affiliation and feature a few of them on the Marketplace homepage when you are signed in, but you will also be able to search for specific brands and/or items to see if there are discounts for them associated with your affiliation.

You may also use your credential anywhere you see the corresponding button across different websites. For example, once you verify a Military affiliation with, you can verify this affiliation anywhere you see the Troop ID button displayed.





Please keep in mind that organizations may only serve certain segments of a group. For the military, this might mean that only Active Duty service members, who have an credential, will be able to access a particular benefit.

Please visit our "Offers" page for a complete list of participating merchants.


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