How do I apply discounts using my credentials?

Begin by logging into your account and locating the store you want to purchase from and click on "Shop Now" button.


Step 1: Make your selections and add the items that you'd like to purchase to your Under Armour Bag. Once you are in the "My Bag" view select "Proceed to Checkout".Screen_Shot_2017-10-11_at_4.51.15_PM.png



Step 2:  Click the plus sign beside the "Military & First Responder" under the "Gift Cards & Codes" section and then click the applicable “Troop ID” or "First Responders" button.



Step 3:  A pop-up window will appear that will have you sign into your account.

Once you are logged in to a verified account, will request your permission to authenticate your group affiliation to the partner site.





Step 4:  If you select "Authorize", will tell the merchant “Yes or No” with respect to your group affiliation. Your personal information such as your email is never shared with a partner site without your explicit permission.




You're done!  The discount should now be applied to your order.  This experience should be virtually the same with every partner website that you access.

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