Here's what to do once you're verified

If you’re new to, we have a couple of suggestions on how to get started:

Security – If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend that you complete your profile information.  This information will enhance your account security by providing information to which only you have knowledge or access.  Without this information, we won’t be able to provide a full level of support for your account.  You can complete this step by visiting your account profile and completing the required fields.



Share – The larger the network becomes, the faster we’ll be able to expand our relationship with brands, bringing you better offer from more brands.  Please visit our Facebook pages (below) and “like” us to help spread the word to your friends.

Partners – We’re working hard to bring you the best deals and benefits from our partner brands and organizations.  We’re constantly adding more great organizations to our network so please check out our Offers page regularly to see what new offers are available to you. 

Shop & Save – Once you have created your account, you will be able to access special offers in the Marketplace for your affiliation.  Browse our Partners, view our featured offers, search for specific items you’ve been looking for and save money by following the associated links or coupons for any deals you are interested in.

You can access offsite offers anywhere you see your affiliation button on a partner website (typically during the checkout process).  For example, if you verify your Military affiliation, you can instantly verify for offers anywhere you see a Troop ID button.

Note:  Please keep in mind that some organizations may only serve certain segments of a group.  For the military, this might mean that only Active Duty service members, who have an, will be eligible for a particular benefit.

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