How do I verify if I do not have a digital copy of my DD-214?

While can verify any Veteran, if you served prior to 1985 your records haven't been digitalized into the National Database. However, Troop ID is available to all members of the armed forces, and can verify your service via your DD214. If you do not have a copy of your DD-214 you can authorize to obtain your DD214 on your behalf by following the instructions below.



Step 1:  Sign in or Sign up for your free account.


Step 2: Click on "Add ID" from the dashboard page.




Step 3:  Select "Troop ID" from the list of Verification options.




Step 4:  Choose the "Verify by requesting your DD214" verification option.






Step 5:  Choose the affiliation that best fits your current status. Fill out all of the fields, check the boxes below the fields.




Step 7:   Check the 3 boxes that allow the release of your DD214 to Once all fields are complete, sign the document on the signature line at the bottom of the page. NOTE: If you don't have a touchscreen computer, you will need to use your mouse as a pen and sign the document. You hold down the left side of the mouse or touchpad and it will turn your mouse into a pen so that you can digitally sign the request. Click "Continue".




At this point, your DD214 request form will be submitted for review. If your request is unable to be processed you will receive a follow-up email with further instructions on how to verify your account.







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