A purchase isn't showing up in my account

Most cash back for eligible purchases appear in your account within 72 hours. Purchases made in advance of use, like travel purchases, will not create cash back credits until you return from your trip. Travel industry vendors place a hold on your card at the time of purchase, but do not charge your card until you have received service.

Other possible reasons the purchase isn't showing up in your account include:

  • The merchant might not recognize the purchase as complete. Contact the merchant directly to confirm that the purchase was processed. If the merchant confirms that the purchase was processed, please contact ID.me Member Support for further assistance.
  • You may not have completed the purchase through the ID.me Marketplace. You must originate your purchase from within the ID.me Marketplace by following one of our deal links, and completing your transaction in the newly opened window in order to qualify for cash back.
  • Your browser is not configured to accept cookies, so ID.me is unable to track your purchase.
  • You cancelled or returned your order.
  • You exchanged your order directly with the retailer, cancelling the original ID.me transaction.
  • You modified your order, changing the shipping address, payment method, or even adding an item will cancle the original ID.me transaction.
  • You used an outside discount or coupon, gift card, or a gift certificate in addition to the discount offered through ID.me, voiding the cash back offer.
  • Additional limitations for purchases on certain partner sites might apply. Please see that store's policy for further information.


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