I need to contact the merchant or change my order

If you contact the merchant to make a change to your order, you may end up voiding your cash back. Even if no actual changes are made to the order (i.e. calling to check order status), the merchant may see themselves as the last form of assistance on the order, and ID.me may no longer be credited with a referral reward.

When making a change to an order, merchants regularly cancel the online order through the ID.me Marketplace and enter a new one that is not associated with your ID.me account. Without the ID.me connection on this new order, no cash back is earned. This applies to changes made in-store as well. Adding extended warranty, changing your payment method, or even adding another item to your order is a change. ANY change to your order can potentially void your cash back.

It is best to cancel your order (which you can do directly) and then re-order your items through the ID.me Marketplace to ensure you receive your cash back reward.

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