Why can't I verify my status as a Teacher?

Our research indicates that your credentials were not found or have expired. In order to verify your credentials and to activate your ID.me account, you can get your license/certification/credential number from the state's database OR you can submit one of the documents listed below. All documents submitted must contain your full name and clearly show your occupational title as a teacher (for the 2017-2018 school year). 

    • State-Issued Teacher Certification
    • Teacher ID card
    • Pay Stub within the last 30 days

Note:  All documents submitted must show your affiliation as a teacher, as opposed to "Staff" or "Faculty".

To upload documentation, you can select the radio button labeled "I am not licensed by my state but I can verify using documentation".  From there, you'll fill in the requested information and click "Verify Now".  If the information you entered matches official records, you'll be prompted to upload your documentation.

Once we have processed your verification, you will receive a e-mail to let you know whether your documentation was accepted or rejected, along with guidance if your documentation is rejected.

For information regarding eligibility for Teacher ID, click here.

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