Why aren't ticket options showing under "Military Ticket Offers"?

If your screen looks similar to this:


Typically, this means that the affiliation for which you have been verified is not eligible for the promotion (i.e. Veterans accessing Active Duty offers or Military Spouses/Family Members accessing the offer for Active Duty or Veterans).  While, spouses & family members of military personnel can create a Troop ID, the complimentary/discounted tickets are only accessible to those accounts verified as a service member, veteran, or retiree. 

Veterans accessing Active Duty offer

If you have been verified as a Veteran but are an Active-Drilling Reservist, Active National Guardsman, etc. you will need to update your affiliation by submitting documentation that supports your active duty status (this is typically in the form of an LES or an ERB/ORB).  To update your affiliation, please e-mail documentation (typically a recent LES) to help@id.me with the subject "Update to Service Member" from the e-mail address used in the account creation process and we will update your account.

Military Spouse/Family Members

If you are in this situation, you'll need to sign out of your account and an account will need to be created and verified as a Service Member, Veteran, or Retiree.  Once verified, you'll be able to follow the same process and proceed to the ticket options.

To sign out of your current account, go to https://www.id.me/shop, hover over your name in the top right corner and click "sign out".

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