How do I verify my student affiliation?

If you'd like to verify your student affiliation in order to access the exclusive deals and discounts that has available, follow these steps:


Step 1:  Sign up or sign in to your account.




Step 2: Click on "Add ID" from the dashboard page.





Step 3:  Select "Student ID" from the list of Verification options.




Step 4: Choose a verification option that suits you. One will be your student credentials, if you are currently between terms or just started classes you may not be in the National Database yet. The second option allows you to upload documentation to prove you are currently enrolled in classes and qualify for this program. 



Once you choose an option you will have to enter your personal information to verify as a student. Once your verification has been processed then your screen will change and forward you to the partner site or explain you need to attempt verification using another method. You will also receive an email with the reasoning of the failed verification. 




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