Why can't I verify by using your "Military Service Record" option?

If you received an error message stating that ID.me was unable to verify your military affiliation, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

1) This option is available for members who are serving/have served on active duty.  If you are an active drilling reservist or national guardsman, this option will not work. Another method will need to be used to verify your status.  Alternatively, you can submit a copy of a current LES or ERB/ORB. 


2) You entered an active duty date that was pre-mature or too late. If you select this option, please ensure that you enter a date that you were on active duty that is after 09/30/1985.  For example, if you served from 01/01/1980 to 12/31/1990, you could enter 05/01/1987.

NOTE:  This option is available for members who served on active duty AFTER 09/30/1985. DD214's were not digitized until 1986.  Anyone who served prior to that year will not appear in the search. This is solely due to a limitation in the availability of digitized documents. For instructions on how to Request your DD-214 click here.


3) The last name you entered did not match what's listed within the government database. If you have changed your legal name since being discharged another verification method may suit you better.  


NOTE: ID.me has a standing policy that we do not solicit, request, or accept a copy, scan or other reproduction of their Military Common Access Card (CAC) in order to verify their military affiliation. We feel it is important to notify service members that according to Title 18, US Code Part 1, Chapter 33, Section 701, photocopying of United States Government Identification is prohibited and punishable by both fine and imprisonment. For this reason, we strongly advise that you refrain from reproducing images of your military ID (or CAC) in the future.

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