As a Surviving Spouse do I qualify for Troop ID and how do I verify?

Absolutely!  You should be able to verify your spouse's information using the provided verification methods, however, additional documentation may be required to verify that you are the spouse of the deceased Veteran and that the Veteran is, in fact, deceased. 

Step 1: First create an account by clicking the green "Sign Up for Free" button in the middle of our homepage or by clicking this link.




Step 2: Select "Add ID" then click on the red "Troop ID" button. This will show you the verification methods available.  If you have a Uniformed Services ID card we recommend using a digital photo of the front of that card to verify with. Select the verify by "Upload Military Document" option. 



This will prompt you to "Begin" and bring you to the verification screen. Open the drop-down menu and choose your military affiliation. NOTE:  You will choose "Military Spouse" Enter the personal information requested. IMPORTANT: In all of the fields where it requests personal information you will enter only your information (First Name, Last Name, DOB, and SSN) - that will mean that you enter your First Name, Last Name, and DOB twice.




Once you have filled in all the information you will need to click continue which will bring you to the document upload page. By this point, you'll need to have the document saved on your computer either by scanning it or taking a digital picture of it. You will choose the type of document you are submitting from the drop down menu.  From there click "Choose File" and find the file you scanned into your computer. Click on the file you scanned, then click open. Click "Continue".



When you click "Continue", your document will be submitted to for verification. If the document you submitted is verified, you'll be able to access the offer you are looking for immediately. If the document has been denied, you'll receive an email from us explaining what to do next.


Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything else.






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