How do I get the First Responder discount at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

Step 1:  Go to the park's First Responder Appreciation Page using one of the links below:

Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Step 2:  Click the "First Responder ID" button and either create or sign in to your account.


Step 3:  If you created a new account, you'll confirm your e-mail address at this point in the process.  If you already have an account and signed in, you'll proceed directly to the verification options.

Note:  If you have problems confirming your e-mail address, please see the article titled "Step 3:  Confirm your e-mail address".


Step 4:  Verify your affiliation as a First Responder.

Select the affiliation that best suits your profession as a Police Officer, Firefighter, or EMT/Paramedic and you'll then be prompted to enter some information.


Step 5:  Click "Authorize" to grant permission to inform SeaWorld that you have been successfully verified.


Step 6:  Select the number of tickets you'd like to claim and add them to your cart.  Then click "Continue.


Step 7:  Choose any extra's that you'd like to pre-purchase.  Then click "Continue".


Step 8:  Enter the e-mail address that you'd like the tickets to be sent to.


Step 9:  Enter your billing address information and then click "Continue".


Step 10:  Confirm your order details are correct and then click "Submit Payment".

Note:  This will be the button verbiage regardless of whether there is actually any purchase or not.


Step 11:  Enter the names of the guests attending the park with you.  Then click "Continue".


Once you click "Continue" after entering the names in your party, your ticketing process is complete and the link to the tickets will be e-mailed to the address you entered previously.

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