How do I use my ID to complete the LOA3 identity-proofing process?


Step 1:  Sign in to an existing account or create a new account by clicking "Sign-up".


Step 2:  Confirm your e-mail address.


Step 3:  Choose the "Yes, I have my ID" option.




Step 4:  Select your method for uploading your document.  You can take a picture of it with a mobile device or you can upload it from your computer if you already have it saved.


Mobile Device Upload

Step 5:  Enter your mobile phone number.


Step 6:  A text message will be sent to your mobile phone that includes a link to upload your ID.



Step 7: Tap the link in the text message.  Then tap "Take Photo".  Once your phone has been taken, tap "Submit Photo".



Step 8:  On your computer or mobile device, review your information and, if everything is correct, click "My information is correct".  If not, click "My information is incorrect" and you will be able to correct the mistakes.


Step 9: Enter your mobile phone or home phone number.


Step 10:  Review all of your information, enter your social security number, and then click "Verify information".


Step 11:  If you're information matches, your identity will be successfully verified and linked to your Wallet and you'll be able to access the benefits that require LOA3 identity verification.


Step 12:  For added account protection, the phone number used in the verification process will be carried over and used for your "Multi-Factor Authentication" method.  This device will be required each time you sign in to your account to make sure that it's actually you using the account.


Step 13:  Once you select whether you'd like to have a text message or an automated voice call, you'll receive a 6-digit code via that method.  Enter the code given to you in the message to complete the multi-factor authentication process.




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