How are MWI and Rally Health affiliated?

Between May 30th and November 30th, Military Wellness Initiative will provide service members (in and out of uniform) and their spouses living in Texas access to MWI’s wellness resources through the Rally Health platform at no cost to the participants. These personalized solutions will incentivize, educate and empower participants in their wellness decisions. They’ll be able to make healthy changes, track fitness goals, and connect with health information, communities, and resources.

During the pilot, participants will get direct feedback and recommendations on how to improve their wellness and their performance through choices around nutrition, activity, and sleep. Online communities and educational resources will better inform them on their wellness, and they’ll be incentivized through challenges and competitions where they can win rewards or even have their success translate into a donation to charity. This is all through the Rally Health Platform, a proven solution and existing capability that’s used by major health insurers and providers.

At the end of the pilot, participants will see a sustainable change in their behavior: they’ll be engaged with their community and support network, be more aware of the health and care decisions they make, and, ultimately, performing better and living healthier than before.

The Texas Pilot Program is the beta test of this effort. We are starting at the state level to prove our solution is viable at scale.

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