How do I unlock my account?

If you've attempted to sign-in with the incorrect email or password too many times, your account will be locked to help prevent unauthorized access.  If this happens, don't worry!  You can easily unlock the account by following these steps:

1.  Click the link in the error message letting you know the account has been locked due to a high number of failed sign-in attempts.






2.  Enter the account email address in the field provided and a security code will be emailed to the address you enter.


3.  You'll receive the 6-digit security code in your email.  The email should look something like this:



4.  Enter the code in the field provided on the page, then click "Continue".  Once you click continue, provided you entered the correct code within the 15-minute timeframe, you're account will be unlocked and you can attempt to sign-in again.



Note:  If your account was locked due to too many failed sign-in attempts, we recommend that you reset your password at this point so that you don't end up in the same loop again.  To do that, you can follow the instructions in our article titled "How do I reset my password?".







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