Am I eligible for Teacher ID? defines "teachers" as state-licensed teachers / professors employed by a public or private primary or secondary school, local education authority, or a public or private university or college.

General guidelines for Teacher ID eligibility are as follows:

Accepted Not Accepted
Certified Teacher (To include Public, Private, or Charter Schools) Homeschool Teachers who do not have a state issued certification 
Certified Teacher Aide School Office Staff (Ex:  Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, etc.)
Certified Teacher Assistant Guidance Counselors (Pupil Personnel Credential, ID Card, etc.)
Certified Educational Assistant School Technical Support Staff (Ex: Computer Support)
School Administration (Principal, Asst. Principal, etc.) School Nurses
Lifetime Teaching Credential Holders School Librarians
College/University Professors

PreSchool Teachers (Child Development)

 Speech Pathologists

School Psychologists



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