Which verification method should I select?

If you're not sure which verification option you should select to prove your military affiliation, the following information will help you decide.

USAA Membership (automated)

USAA has formed a relationship with ID.me to allow members to use their USAA membership to verify their military service. Choose this option if:

  1. You are a USAA member.
  2. You are eligible to purchase Property & Casualty Insurance through USAA*.
  3. You are the primary owner of the account.

* By using using your USAA membership to verify your military affiliation, you will not be solicited or asked to enroll in USAA's Property and Casualty insurance program; you simply must be eligible for the program in order to verify with this method.

NOTE:  Using this option DOES NOT allow ID.me or any of its partners access to your USAA account.  We simply check the information that you enter against USAA's member database to verify your military affiliation.




United Services Automobile Association (USAA) was founded in 1922 when 25 Army officers met in San Antonio, Texas, and decided to insure each other's vehicles. Over the past 91 years, USAA has grown into a fully integrated financial services organization, providing insurance, banking, investment and retirement products and services to more than 9.9 million current and former members of the U.S. military and their families.


Active Duty Service Date (automated)

This option is available for members who 1) served on full-time Active Duty and 2) any date of your full-time Active Duty service falls AFTER 09/30/1985.

NOTE:  This option does not give ID.me or any of its partners access to your military service record.  We simply verify the information that you enter against a database to verify your military service.

If this method fails and you feel this is an error, please select another date that might be later than the original date chosen (but still while you were on Active Duty). If you were not on full-time Active Duty on any date after 09/30/1985, please choose either the "verify by uploading military documentation" option or the "verify by requesting your DD214" option.



NOTE:  If you select this option, please ensure that you enter a date that you were on active duty that is after 09/30/1985.  For example, if you served from 01/01/1980 to 12/31/1990, you could enter 05/01/1987.

Also, you need to enter the name you held when you were discharged or the name listed on your military records (such as your maiden name).  Make sure you do not include your middle initial or suffix.


.mil Email (automated)

If you are currently serving on Active Duty, in the Reserves, or National Guard, and have access to a .mil email account, this option is available. After you submit your information, a verification code will be sent to the .mil email address provided. Once you receive that code, copy and paste it into the verification window on ID.me and your account will be verified.

NOTE: This option requires that you have immediate access to your military e-mail account.




Upload Military Documentation

If you have a digital copy of your DD214, LES, ORB/ERB, or NGB-22 you may submit it for review by selecting this verification option.  Retiree's also have the option to submit a Retiree ID card or a Retiree Account Statement (LES) within this flow.

There are multiple ways of getting a copy of your paper documentation on to your computer in a digital format; including (but not limited to) using a scanner or you can take a picture with a smartphone or tablet and e-mail it to yourself, etc.




Requesting DD214 (automated)

You should select this option if you were unable to use one of the other verification options or if copies of your military documentation are not readily accessible.  

NOTE: If you are currently on Active Duty or served on full-time Active Duty at any point after 09/10/1985, you can verify using the automated "verify using active duty date" option.

When filling out the form, please enter the name you held when you were discharged or the name listed on your military records (such as your maiden name).  Make sure your signature is legible or else your request will not be processed.


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