What should I do if I am unable to verify my student status?

If the system isn't verifying your student status, or if your school is not listed, we will need you to submit documentation to prove your student affiliation.  ID.me accepts the following documentation as proof of student status:

  • Student ID card (ID must show an expiration date)
  • Transcript showing current enrollment 
  • Enrollment verification letter from the Office of The Registrar

The documentation you submit must, at a minimum, show your full name, your college/university name and date of attendance.  Transcripts and verification letters must show your enrollment dates and your status (e.g. full-time, part-time, etc.)

To submit your documentation for review, please click the "Verify by uploading documentation" link, fill out the fields, and then click "Choose file" or "Browse" (depends on the internet browser you are using) and choose the file you'd like to upload for verification.

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