Why can't I verify using my ProBoard Certification?

If you are experiencing difficulty verifying your ProBoard certification or are not ProBoard certified, you can submit documentation to prove your First Responder affiliation.  ID.me accepts the following documentation as proof of affiliation:

  • Valid Firefighter ID card
  • Recent training completion certificate
  • A copy of a valid, professionally-issued certification illustrating your affiliation as a Firefighter

The documentation you submit must, at a minimum, show your full name and your affiliation as a First Responder.

To verify with documentation, select the button labeled "No, I am not ProBoard certified" and you'll be prompted with the option to upload documentation.  From there, you'll fill in the requested information and click "Verify Now".  If the information you entered matches official records, you'll be prompted to upload your documentation.

Once we have processed your verification, you will receive a prompt stating whether or not your document was verified as well as an e-mail to let you know whether your documentation was accepted or rejected, along with guidance if your documentation is rejected.

For information regarding eligibility for Responder ID, click here.

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